Our Vision Statement

Our Residents

We address the holistic needs of our Residents in a culture and environment that supports a home like atmosphere.

Our Team
We work together to achieve our personal and professional best.

Our Partners
We form and nurture strategic partnerships.

Fiscal Responsibility
We are accountable to be fiscally responsible.

Statement of Values

Passamaquoddy Lodge Inc. will incorporate the following values in each of its activities:

1. Respect and Compassion
We are committed to ensuring dignity and understanding and to provide client and family centered care in every aspect of what we do.

2. Organization
We are committed to being fiscally responsible promoting open communication in a trusting environment.

3. Opportunity
We are committed to providing an atmosphere, which enhances existing and future partnerships.

4. Teamwork / Empowerment
We are committed to an atmosphere, which encourages comprehensive teamwork and empowerment.

5. Confidentiality
We are committed to the highest level of confidentiality with respect and awareness of our Residents' and Employees' needs.

Last update: Sep. 2016