Thank you for your interest in Passamaquoddy Lodge.


Thank you for your interest in Passamaquoddy Lodge. This page is designed to provide a brief description of the nursing home services offered to potential applicants and their families. Passamaquoddy Lodge is a provincially licensed and nationally accredited facility. Provincial licensing is mandatory and involves annual inspection and adhering to the Nursing Home Act, Regulations and Standards. Accreditation is voluntary and involves meeting national standards as well as being surveyed every four years. We received EXEMPLARY status in 2012!!

The application process and other general information is included. We hope you find this page helpful.


In the mid Ė 1960ís a Kiwanis Club of St. Andrews committee was formed with the view to constructing a nursing home for senior citizens to serve the population of Charlotte County. Although there was an obvious need for such a project and the committee worked diligently to convince The Provincial Government of its merits, their application was rejected.

On June 1st.1971, another committee of the St. Andrews Kiwanis Club was to consider the feasibility and direction of steps that could be taken by the Kiwanis Club in support of elderly people

The Sir James Dunn Foundation donated $28,000 from a special trust established by Lady Beaverbrook, who wanted to see something done for our senior citizens. Seaside Lodge of the Knights of Pithiest, which has been inactive for some time, unstintingly contributed the sum of $8,400 ----- their last penny!

The Town of St. Andrews not only provide the Board with the commodious and comfortable surroundings, the Council Chambers, in which to hold their meetings, but also committed another $5,000 toward construction. The late Mr. and Mrs. Murray Vaughan very generously turned over an excellent building site, for a nominal sum far less that its real value.

Eventually letters patent were drawn up and Passamaquoddy Lodge Incorporated became a legal entity! There was representation on the Board from the Kiwanis Club, the Lions Club, from St. Andrews, St. Stephen, St. George and Blackís Harbour.

Numerous meetings were held. Architects were hired. Documents were prepared. At last Fredericton was once again approached, this time by Harry Clift and Hubert McFee of the Kiwanis Club and Ken Bartlett of the architectural firm of A.D.I. Ltd.

The first Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors and Members was held in the Council Chamber of St. Andrews Town Hall on January 18, 1973. The Corner Stone for Passamaquoddy Lodge was laid by Captain Ranby Wren on July 27, 1973 and the first Resident, Miss Georgie Carson, 102 years young, was admitted to the Lodge on December 3, 1973.

Today Passamaquoddy Lodge Inc. is a 60 bed licensed and accredited nursing home facility thanks to all the community support we have received!


Passamaquoddy Lodge is a modern 60 bed Nursing Home facility that provides services to both seniors and disabled persons. The Nursing Home is operated by Passamaquoddy Lodge Inc., a non-profit Company under the New Brunswick Companies Act. Passamaquoddy Lodge Inc. is also registered with Revenue Canada as a charitable organization. The Company is authorized to issue tax-deductible receipts for donations.

Passamaquoddy Lodge is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of a maximum of fifteen elected members of the Company. Board members donate their own time to set policies, which ensure that our operation meets the standards for nursing homes as set by the Province of New Brunswick. The philosophy and policies of the Board of Directors, and astute business practices, set the tone for the successful delivery of quality Resident services in our facility.

The Directors of the Company employ and direct an Administrator who is responsible for the implementation of Board policies, and the day-to-day operation of the Nursing Home. The Administrator is accountable to the President of the Board and reports on the operation of the Lodge at each monthly Board meeting.


We are pleased to offer assistance with families on a relief basis for up to 60 days per calendar year (maximum 30 days per visit). This service is offered at a minimum cost to the resident and provides relief for families for vacations, surgery, etc. We do require a History and Physical Form be completed by the family physician prior to admission. The forms are valid for a 6 month period from the date completed by the physician. For further information or to reserve the room, please contact our Director of Nursing, Ms. Patricia Bartlett, at 506-529-5240, extension 5244.


Potential applicants and/or families are encouraged to visit the nursing home prior to making application by contacting the Administrator, Mrs. Lezlie LeBlanc or the Director of Nursing, Ms. Patricia Bartlett.

At any time a tour of the nursing home can be arranged and full particulars regarding the admission process can be discussed.

Applicants are placed on an active waiting list once an application has been received and the resident has been approved for nursing home placement by the Department of Social Development. All admission documents and the Financial Assessment must be completed prior to admission.  We also recommend that every resident have a power of attorney in place prior to admission.  The Power of Attorney is financially responsible for payment of the residentís expenses.


The cost of care is set each year by the Dept. Social Development.  Rate revisions may occur throughout the year, reflecting significant cost increases for the general operation of the nursing home. However, the monthly amount a resident would pay is based on their financial assessment.

Cost of care includes the provision of services as they relate to nursing, dietary, activity, housekeeping and laundry.

More detailed explanation is provided throughout this site under separate headings.


Please remember to complete a change of address card once your family member is admitted.  We would also remind families that if your phone or address should change, please notify the nursing home.


Passamaquoddy Lodge Inc. fosters and supports a culture which embodies the following principles:

  • the involvement of individuals from our own community
  • the provision of an atmosphere of caring, nurturing and welcoming
  • the provision of a warm homelike environment which facilitates teamwork, participative decision making, trust and open communication
  • that all Residents are respected and valued the same, regardless of race, creed, religion, financial status or care and service needs
  • that the opinions and contributions of all staff and clients are valued, recognized and utilized
  • that all care and services are re-assessed and validated on an on-going basis.


Passamaquoddy Lodge Inc. is committed to the provision of quality care and services that promotes and provides for safety and well-being of those who live and work in this home.

The Board, leadership team, staff, residents and volunteers share the role and responsibility for improving and prioritizing safety as an integral aspect of care and services.

We commit to ensuring that policies and procedures and educational opportunities are developed, communicated and implemented as evidence of this commitment. We will also strive to ensure a culture that supports individuals in a just and fair environment and lessens fear of reprisal for reporting errors, omissions, accidents and near misses so that we can learn from our mistakes and/or potential adverse events.

We ask residents, families and partners to also commit to these goals and to approach us with ideas and concerns in an open communiction so that we can work together.  Goals and objectives to improve safety shall be regularly monitored for achievement, reviewed and revised regularly and shall be part of our strategic planning process.


Passamaquoddy Lodge is equipped with a state of the art fire protection system. The Lodge is equipped with a sprinkler system and has smoke detectors wired back to the fire alarm system. Fire prevention and education is the first line of defense against fire.

Fire drills are held monthly by all Staff. The Environmental Services Supervisor will be happy to answer any questions you may have in relation to fire protection/procedures or other safety matters.


To enhance Resident Care services, it is important to receive input from all involved. The acknowledgment and management of complaints is an important component of this process. Complaints are verbal or written expressions from an individual of dissatisfaction with care or service provided by an individual or the facility as a whole. A complaint that can be quickly resolved that does not involve a danger or threat to residents or harm to the facility can be handled at the department or nursing level.

A complaint that involves danger or threat to the residents or facility as a whole should immediately be directed to the nursing supervisor, department head or administrator.


With reference to the Nursing Home Act, Section 17(1) and 17(2):
Where for any reason an operator intends to discharge a resident from a nursing home, at least fifteen days notice of such intention shall be given to the resident and to his next of kin or legal representative except where the operator believes, on reasonable grounds, that the immediate discharge of the resident to the custody of another person is necessary for the safety of the resident or of other residents or staff. Where a resident is to be discharged under sub-section (1) and the resident has no next of kin or legal representative, the operator shall give the required notice to the resident and to the Director.

Where, for any reason, the Nursing Home intends to discharge a resident, at least fifteen days notice of such intention shall be given to the resident and to the first person responsible or legal representative except where the team (Physician, Nurses, Administrator, Director of Nursing) believes, on reasonable grounds, that the immediate discharge of the resident to the custody of another person is necessary for the safety of the resident or of other residents or staff.

Residents may be discharged at the request of the resident, family or guardian, or by physicianís request or request from the Nursing Home.

Both parties agree to provide 15 days notice should a resident vacate the facility.


We have an Ethics Committee composed of the Administrator, Director of Nursing, a Registered Nurse, a Board Member, a Community Member and a representative of the Clergy.  The purpose of the committee is to address ethical issues relating to residents and families rights through interpretation and discussion of these issues with decisions made reflecting the homesí mission, values and culture.


Although restraints are used to protect the resident from injury, to maintain treatment, and to control disruptive behaviour, research shows that the use of restraints is actually associated with increased incidence of injury, skin breakdown, and functional decline, loss of appetite, dehydration, constipation, disorganized behavior and emotional distress. When restraints must be used, they are used only as a last resort to prevent harm to self and to others; they are a planned short-term solution, never a long term intervention.

The goal of nursing practice in nursing homes is to achieve the best possible health outcomes for the resident, with no unnecessary exposure to risk or harm. Nurses act as advocates to protect and promote residentsí right to autonomy, respect and dignity. In keeping with these values Passamaquoddy Lodge supports least restraint practices.

In the event that a restraint of some form is recommended, the physician must order this to be done and the family contact will be consulted.


We ask each Resident/family to designate one next-of-kin or sponsor who will be contacted to make decisions regarding the Residentís status and care planning.  This individual would speak on behalf of the Resident if he/she were not able to do so and sign the Resident Care Contract. We recommend each resident have a power of attorney in place prior to admission.

The designated sponsor is responsible for keeping other family members informed or changes to the Residentís condition and to ensure that all financial expenses and obligations are met.  This individual will be contacted when clothing and other personal needs are required unless other arrangements have been made.


Please be advised that we are a scent-free facility. Research shows that scented products may be harmful to those with allergies or chronic conditions. We ask Residents and families to buy scent-free products. The use of body powders, scented or unscented, is not permitted. We also ask that highly scented flowers such as lilacs and lilies, be avoided. At Christmas, fresh cut evergreen trees or boughs are not permitted (cedar, spruce, fir, pine) or poinsettias (due to allergies).


Please be advised that we are a SMOKE FREE FACILITY (as of June 1, 2008).



Passamaquoddy Lodge Inc. is committed to minimizing exposure to Latex due to increasing incidence of latex allergy and sensitivities.  Therefore, latex balloons etc. are not permitted in the building.


We have a trained, dedicated group of staff on our Environment Team who meet monthly to review the health & safety of our environment. They review the monthly fire drill, the monthly safety inspections and quarterly trend reports. Any issues will be dealt with as they arise.

All staff members are trained in the fire drill process, WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) program, and participate in the Back in Form program (exercise program to help prevent injuries). We have an emergency plan for disasters, fires and pandemic occurrences. These are reviewed on a yearly basis. We participate in fire drills at least monthly and every three years we participate in an EMO (Emergency Measures Organization) exercise to practice these plans. Several staff members have EMO training.

It is the responsibility of each staff member to know what to do in case of Fire. Fire, Disaster and Pandemic manuals (red binders) are located in each department office and each nursing station. Each department (as required) has safety equipment and procedures for caring out their duties.

We have a sentinel guard system installed at the front entrance of the Lodge to monitor residents at risk for elopement. The device will alert the RNs and Team Leaders immediately of an elopement to ensure a quick response time to return the resident back inside.


Prior to employment, a Staff History & Physical Report must be completed for each employee by their physician to ensure you are free from any notifiable communicable disease. In all departments, universal precautions are to be used when working directly with a Resident or soiled items or where you may have contact with bodily fluids. Disposable gloves should be worn. Hand washing is the first line of defense to control spread of germs.

During flu season (October to May), staff members are asked to contact the Director of Nursing with your symptoms if calling in sick. Each fall, a flu immunization is offered to all staff free of charge. Staff members are encouraged to take advantage of this. During an outbreak of influenza in the community all staff/visitors will be required to wear a amsk in the building. We ask that visitors refrain from visiting if they have symptoms or have been around others with symptoms. Occasionally we do close the building to all visitors to keep our residents safe from viruses in the community. This notice is sent to the local radio station.


Passamaquoddy Lodge Inc. reserves the right to transfer a Resident, at any time, from one accommodation to another within the facility.  Request by a Resident for transfer will be arranged as soon as possible, if deemed advisable by the Lodge.  No transfer will be unjustly denied.

Upon admission, all resident names are added to the waiting list for a private room.


Passamaquoddy Lodge Inc. has retained Lesley Pinder, M.D., who provides twenty four (24) hour coverage and visits the nursing home on a weekly basis.

Appointments are arranged through the Charge Nurse. Requests from Residents and/or families to see the Physician are made through the Charge Nurse.

Residents may use the services of their family physician but must make their own arrangements with him/her.

Active treatment or emergency care will be provided by Charlotte County Hospital in St. Stephen, or in certain situations by Saint John Regional Hospital or Saint Josephís Hospital.

Dr. Pinder also serves as Medical Advisor to the Board of Directors and the Administrator with respect to medical policies and procedures. She also makes referrals to Physicians in specialized fields and acts as liaison with other Physicians and with hospitals.

Foot Care routine foot care is provided by our Care staff. If further service is requested it is available at the Nursing Home through Home Support/Extra Mural. Arrangements are made through the Charge Nurse. There is a fee charge to the residentís trust account of $42 per appointment.

Dental care outside of the facility transportation would have to be arranged by the family. We do have a dental hygienist that will come to the Lodge to provide services; fees are charged to the Trust Account/resident. Prior consent and consultation with family is required.

Audiology services are sometimes available at the Lodge, depending on the service provider. Otherwise, family would be responsible for appointments and transportation.

Psycho/social Services Ė are available through the Extra Mural program. The physician would make the referral for the resident.

Dr. Sue Burbine, Optometrist, does visit the Lodge to see several residents. Her services are limited in house because she cannot transport all of her diagnostic equipment. Families can arrange to visit her office or the optometrist of their choice. Families would be responsible for transportation.


These services are available through referrals to the Extra Mural Program (EMP). Referral forms are available on each nursing unit. The Lodge employs a Rehabilitation Assistant who provides rehab services at the Lodge. She follows the instructions for exercises in strength training and range of motion exercises etc. She works throughout the building with residents but has a dedicated office/rehab space in the facility equipped with exercise/rehabilitation equipment Special seating requirements are addressed through these service providers as well.

When walkers and canes are provided through the Red Cross Loan Program, families are requested to return these items when no longer needed by the resident to Red Cross, 199 Union Street, St. Stephen, N.B. Wheelchairs are returned by the Lodge to the Red Cross or specific program used for loans.


Charlotte County Hospital (CCH) provides laboratory and x-ray services. These services are ordered by the physician, appointments made by telephone and requisitions are completed and sent with the Resident or specimen. Lab specimens are sent by taxi to CCH. Ambulance services will be arranged by Passamaquoddy Lodge Inc. when considered necessary. Costs related will be charged to the Residentís Trust Account if applicable.


The Administrator of Passamaquoddy Lodge employs a Director of Nursing to ensure that quality care is delivered to all Residents.

Registered Nurses are on duty 24 hours each day to ensure that medications are given, the physician is notified as necessary, nursing care of Residents is performed as planned and general over-all supervision of Staff and Residents is maintained.

At the beginning of each shift, a report is received from the previous shift and the Care Staff receive their assignments. An RN or LPN is assigned to each wing and, together with Resident Attendants (RA). They meet the various needs of the Residents through bathing, grooming, feeding, exercising, socializing, providing for special treatments and communicating with families and close friends.

Care staff are required to porter their assigned residents to and from meals, hair care and activities.



Passamaquoddy Lodge Inc. tries to provide a warm and comfortable atmosphere within the Residentís room.  This includes a bed, bedding, clothes dresser, bedside table, closet storage and chairs where space permits.

Residents are encouraged to bring small personal effects for their rooms.  These items must meet all health and safety standards of the facility.  Due to limited space, approval must be obtained from the Maintenance Dept.  before items are brought into the Residentís room. 

Passamaquoddy Lodge is not responsible for items that are damaged or lost (glasses, dentures, hearing airs, clothing, personal items etc.).  

Families/sponsors are asked to remove seasonal clothing and seasonal decorations from the room and return as needed.

All Electrical items (lamps, radios, hair dryers, televisions, decorations, etc.) must be CSA approved and safety inspected by our Maintenance staff prior to being used the Resident.  Families/sponsors are asked to check with the Maintenance staff prior to bringing these items in.

Valuables, such as rings and watches, should be taken home if the Resident is not able to wear them.  All money should be placed in the Residentís Trust Account in the Accountantís care.  Clothes will be labeled with the Residentís name by the Laundry Department. 

Suggested Clothing List for New Admissions:
(Please ensure that all clothing is machine washable & leave with staff to be labeled)
  • One housecoat/dressing gown
  • One pair of shoes, non slip sole
  • One pair of slippers
  • Ten pairs of socks
  • Ten sets of underwear
  • Seven pairs of pajamas/nightgowns
  • Seven outfits (pants/tops, dresses, etc.)
  • Three sweaters
  • One razor (for men), belt, suspenders if required
  • Cosmetics (no powder or scented items), costume jewelry for ladies
  • One comb, hair brush, toothbrush, glasses, hearing aide, dentures, hat and outdoor clothing if needed

Suggested gift items for residents: (all items should be labeled with the residents' name)
  • Family photographs
  • Toiletries (unscented)
  • Greeting cards
  • Costume jewelry Ė earrings, necklaces and pendants or chains long enough to be slipped over the head are best (no valuables please)
  • Washable housecoat or clothing item
  • Slippers (non slip)
  • Jogging suit
  • Large calendars, bedside lamp, clock, television, radio
  • Washable bed comforter
  • Music
  • Subscription to local newspaper or magazines
  • Hair care gift certificates available at the reception desk
  • Movies

Please remember all clothing items must be sent to the Laundry Dept. for labeling and all electrical items must be safety checked by the Maintenance Dept.

The best gift to all is a visit from you!

In the event that a Resident dies, the Resident Sponsor may have 24 hours to pack and remove personal items.  After this, staff may store items for a maximum of three weeks.  We are unable to accept donations of clothing.


Passamaquoddy Lodge recommends that all Residents have a Pneumovax injection upon admission and every 10 years thereafter.  Pneumovax increases the Residentís tolerance if they should develop pneumonia or bacteremia. 

Flu vaccinations are recommended annually for all Residents unless the physician advises otherwise. 


Since Passamquoddy Lodge is a long-term-care facility, many of our Residents complete their life span under our care.  The Resident and sponsor should be the ultimate decision makers when it comes to deciding what medical treatment and procedures should be carried out in the final stages of life or in the event of incurable/untreatable illness.  The physician and nursing staff will provide information and guidance to help make such difficult decisions easier.  Family members/sponsors are always notified in the event the Residentís health status should suddenly deteriorate.

In the event that the Resident may not be able to tell us what their wishes are or the staff may not be able to reach the sponsor, we ask that the designated sponsor provide some guidance as to what level of treatment should be given if the Residentís health status should deteriorate or if  the Resident suffers from a terminal illness.  This will be established with the Charge Nurse on admission.  The level of treatment is renewed yearly with the resident/sponsor and can be changed at any time by contacting the Charge Nurse.

In the event of an acute episode or injury or ill health, where the Resident is not terminal or progress is treatable, the Resident will be sent to hospital.


A Care Team Conference will be scheduled within 4-6 weeks of admission and annually after that. The family will be notified and invited to attend the meeting with other care, dietary and activity staff members. This is an opportunity to understand the residentís needs better and establish care goals etc.


Staff will provide basic personal care for those Residents who are unable to do these things for themselves.  However, Residents will be expected to do as much as possible in order to prevent deterioration of psychomotor and cognitive abilities.

We ask families/sponsors to provide a personal profile of the Resident.  This personal profile should include information that makes it easier for staff to care for and support the Resident.  This profile should include things such as personal likes/dislikes of the Resident, past accomplishments, favorite memories, names of family members and friends, and other information that can help staff build a relationship with the Resident.

When taking your resident for a brief outing, please check with the nursing staff first Ė to make sure they are signed out of the building and to ensure they will not need any medication while they are out. When you return, be sure to sign the resident back in. The sign out logs are located at each nursing station.

We are pleased to have a Sentinel System located at the front entrance. We have special bracelets for resident to wear that will set off an alarm if they exit the building without supervision.


Medications prescribed by the Physician are filled by Lawtons Drugs from St. John. Prescriptions are controlled through the use of the PacMed unit dose system.

Families may not bring medications in from an outside source. All medications must have a written physicianís order. All medications dispensed at Passamaquoddy Lodge Inc. must be labeled by our affiliated pharmacy.

Not all medications are covered by the drug plans or Medicare. If a physician orders a medication not covered by funding sources, the Resident or family/sponsor will be responsible for covering the cost of the medications.


Medications will be controlled and administered by a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse who has been trained and successfully passed the requirements for administering specific medication. Alcoholic beverages are governed by the same principles as medications and require written permission from Dr. Pinder. Alcoholic beverages are dispensed and charted as a medication.

Since many over-the-counter drugs and herbal medicines may affect medications the Resident is taking, sponsors are asked not to bring in such medications.

Medications are never to be left the Residentís bedside, unless specifically ordered by the Residentís physician.


(Medications supplies for occassional use - Generic brands)

Analgesic (Acetaminophen)AntiflatulentLaxative
AntacidsAntipyreticLozenges, sore throat & cough
Antiemetic Antitussive Stool softener

Note: If any of these medications are given on a regular basis, the resident is responsible for the cost.


Ambulance transportation is not covered unless the resident has a Department of Social Development Health Services Card. The cost of an ambulance is the responsibility of the resident.

If the resident is a Veteran, please ensure that the Business Office is aware of their Veteranís Affairs claim number.


Arrangements for telephone service can be made with the office by yourself or family member (the next-of-kin or the resident must sign the applicable form). We will provide the telephone set and you will be charged monthly on your Trust Account for initial connection and service. The initial connection fee is $25.00 and the monthly service charge is $25.00. To reach a residentís room you dial the main number (529-5240) then enter the assigned 4 digit extension number. To dial out from the residentís telephone you must dial ď9Ē first to access an outside line.

There are telephones at each Nurseís Station which you are welcome to use.

(Please ask if you need assistance).


Cable TV is available for a nominal charge ($30 monthly usage fee). Please see Administration for this service. We will need the next-of-kin or the resident to sign the applicable form. If you need to purchase a TV we would suggest a flat screen with stand and no larger than 26Ē.

A TV / VCR system is also available for use in your room.  Please see the Activity Coordinator for this service.

There are televisions in the Multi-Purpose Room and the front living room as well as in the seating areas on both wings.

Please note we do not mount resident televisions on the wall.


Wireless internet access is available throughout the building - there is no charge but residents must supply their own computer. Please inquire at reception for the current password.


The Beauty Salon is located at Shiretown Place beside the fire doors leading to Lighthouse Lane. A licensed hairdresser comes in several times each week to provide hair care services to the female Residents. On admission, the hairdresser assesses the Resident's hair care needs, in consultation with the family, and organizes appointments for the Residents. The hairdresser provides the Care Staff with a daily appointment list written in the Unit Planner. A licensed barber comes in monthly to provide haircuts for the men. Appointments may be made with the charge nurse.

Gift Certificates for hair care can be purchased at the front desk. Costs are as follows: shampoo and set $12, haircut with shampoo and set $17, permanent $40; haircut for men $8. Scheduling for shampoos and sets are weekly, unless otherwise specified by the resident or family. Haircuts are routinely scheduled at six-week intervals when possible. Perms are booked at three-month intervals.

Appointments often need to be rescheduled due to changes in the Residentís condition. Miranda McFarlane is the hairdresser and may be reached by calling: 529-5240, extension 5577. (Please leave a message).


The Administrator, Mrs. Lezlie LeBlanc, (529-5240, extension 5242), is available to discuss any part of the operations of Passamaquoddy Lodge.  Her office is located past the Front Reception Desk and is open Monday through Friday.


The Director of Nursing, Ms. Pat Bartlett, (529-5240, extension 5244), is available Monday through Friday during regular business hours. Her office is located near the reception area.


The Administrator employs an Accountant and an Administrative Assistant who provide business services for Residents and Staff, Monday through Friday. Statements are mailed during the first week of the month and payment is due upon receipt. We are pleased to offer Pre-Authorized Debit to pay for the monthly cost of care. Trust statements indicate services not covered for the resident such as cable television service, telephone service, hair care, over-the-counter items from the pharmacy or special items ordered for them. Our web site is updated monthly with the Family Newsletter which includes the Activity Calendar for the current month. You may reach the business office by calling 529-5240, extension 5243 for Kristen Stevens, our Chief Accountant; or extension 5246 for Karen Lord, our Administrative Assistant.


The Activity Department offers Resident activity programming, Pastoral Care, Senior Day Care and Volunteers.  The resident participation is valuable in maintaining their social, emotional physical and spiritual needs.

A Resident activity calendar is located in the reception area and monthly calendars are placed in resident rooms to serve as reminders. They are also sent with the monthly newsletters to the family contact and on the web site. The Daily Activity Schedule is recorded on the nurse call bell unit located by each redident bed. Volunteers assist in the Activity Programs and are coordinated by this department.

Pastoral Care Services are coordinated by this department. Weekly services are held as well as communion twice a month. If you wish to see clergy of a particular denomination, please contact the Director of Activities. Resident Council meetings are held monthly. The minutes are posted on the bulletin board at the reception area and the Multipurpose Area.

We welcome visiting pets at the Lodge. Please ensure your pet is kept on a leash and that the current vaccination record is on file with us. Pets should also be house trained and friendly, calm and obedient. Pet owners are responsible for any injury, damage etc. that their pet may cause.

We welcome volunteers at the Lodge for activities such as games, musical events, socials, parties, room visits etc. Should you like to be a volunteer, contact our Activity Coordinator.

The office of the Activity Coordinator, Crystal Griffin, is located beside the Multi-Purpose Room and is open Monday - Friday. She may be reached by telephone at 529-5240, extension 5245.


Maintenance staff are on site from 8am - 4pm, Monday through Friday.  The Charge Nurse can call staff weekends, after hours and holidays, if necessary.

Upon a Resident's arrival, Maintenance will inspect and safety check any electrical appliance the Resident brings from home.  Please be sure that any electrical appliance is CSA  approved.  Although we strive to provide a home-like atmosphere due to limited space and fire regulations, please do not bring any furniture from home before checking with the Environmental Services Supervisor or his delegate.

You may reach David Levy, the Environmental Services Supervisor at 529-5240, extension 5130. His office is located on the lower level of the Lodge and is open Monday through Friday.

Facilities Services Department

The Administrator employs a Facilities Services Manager, Paul Sullivan, who, along with Cooks and Dietary Attendants, Housekeeping and Laundry Attendants provides for the nutritional needs of the Residents, keep the facility sparkling clean and the laundry done on site. Paulís office is located across from the reception area and you may reach him by calling 529-5240, extension 5260.


A Consulting Dietitian, Kara Parsons, visits on a weekly basis to assist the dietary team to provide nutritional assessment and guidance to meet proper dietary standards. The Consulting Dietitian primarily assists with the evaluation of the individual Residentís nutritional needs, menu and meal planning, planning and modifying special diets, education of staff in basic nutrition, the counseling of the Residents and their Families in relation to dietary needs and consulting with Medical and Nursing Staff regarding specific Residentís nutritional problems.

The Dietary Department provides meals for the Residents either in the dining room or by way of tray service. Trays are brought out by Dietary staff and delivered by Care Staff either to Residentsí rooms or to the solariums on Lighthouse Lane and Bay View Blvd. or to the Multipurpose Room.

It is the policy of the Facility Services Department to provide personalized service where possible. After admission, the Facility Services Manager and the dietitian will visit the Resident to discuss their food preferences and individual dietary requirements (thickened, chopped, pureed, diabetic, etc.).

Meals are served at:   

Breakfast         8:00    A.M.
Dinner       12:00    Noon
Afternoon Drinks         2:00    P.M.
Supper         5:00    P.M.
Bedtime Snack         7:00    P.M.

The Daily Menu is recorded on the nurse call bell unit located by each resident bed as well as posted daily outside the dining room and the weekly plan is located outside the Facility Service Department office. A kitchenette is located across from the Accounting Department and you and your family are encouraged to make use of the drinks, tea, coffee, etc. as you wish. Just ask any staff member to access the security lock. Any food items brought in for residents must be heated in the kitchenette, if required. If they are stored in the kitchenette, the items must be labeled with the residentís name and the date they were brought in.

Families and friends are encouraged to join Residents for a meal on occasion.  Advanced notice to the Facility Services Department is necessary and a nominal fee is charged (Dinner $7, Supper $5). PLEASE NOTE: Kitchen access is restricted to the Dietary Staff only.

View: Four Week Menu


Passamaquoddy Lodge does all resident personal laundry on site, five days a week. Staff will apply name tags to the Residentís clothing shortly after their arrival. The house laundry is sent out for cleaning. Please leave any items requiring labeling with the Care Staff or at the front desk.

Families are encouraged to provide wash and wear clothes.  Wool, silk or delicate clothing  items are not recommended.  Families are responsible for dry cleaning items if necessary. The Lodge is not responsible for any damages.


Passamaquoddy Lodge Housekeepers are on duty seven days a week.  The friendly and courteous attendants take pride in their work while providing a clean and comfortable environment.

The Facility Services Department works with the Activity Department to hold special events like special occasion meals, barbeques and picnics in the summer.


We are a non-profit registered charity and all donations made to the Lodge are tax-deductible. All memorials, donations and bequests to our Nursing Home are accepted graciously. The funds can be designated to resident focused items, to a specific expansion/renovation fund or to be used as needed.

Cheques are to be written to Passamaquoddy Lodge Foundation Inc. For your convenience we are able to accept donations through our website ( For more information please call the business office at 529-5240.


Staff members are not permitted to accept personal gifts or gratuities of any kind. There is a Resident Council fund or special fund raising projects and events or memorials that the public may contribute to.


All staff members are required to sign an OATH OF CONFIDENTIALITY upon hire and renewed during each performance evaluation. Any breach of the Residentís right to confidentiality is considered to be a serious infraction and shall result in disciplinary action up to and including discharge. All employees must recognize and respect the right of each Resident to be assured that his affairs and his records are held in a confidential manner. Confidentiality also applies to information learned about fellow employees. Respect for all levels of staff is held in high regard at the Lodge. Financial information for both Residents and staff is highly confidential. We ask families to respect this Oath of Confidentiality as well with regard to our Lodge family.

Last update: Feb 2016